Friday, February 29, 2008


Christian Rock Pioneer, Larry Norman, Dies at 60


by Stan C. Countz

He was too rock for the holy rollers
and he was too holy for the rockers
Larry brought a fresh new sound
But he gave no ground to mockers

His voice rose above the clamor
He was a meek and humble servant
He never sought glory or glamour
But he was especially observant

He asked questions no one ever thought to ask
Why should the devil have all the good music?
He never put on airs nor would he wear a mask
He was on the level and he didn't wanna lose it

He was shot down and kicked around
And people scandalized his name
He pioneered a new music and sound
We as a body should be ashamed

Today's rockers may not know it
But he was more than he appeared
They may not say it or show it
But Norman was a true pioneer

He paved the way for those who came after
He endured the scorn, the shame and laughter
But he stayed true 'til the last and final chapter
of his all-too-short story but he gave God the glory

He gave his best and he gave his all
He answered when the Spirit called
There will never be another brother
Larry Norman was like no other

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